We search the global internet to bring you the best DJ mixes across a number of different dance genres and post the best ones up on our site each and every day.

Each mix is hand picked by a small team of industry professionals who have been involved with dance music and the dance music scene for the past 15 years. Although we automate the scheduling of each mix that we post, we are actual real human beings behind the screen and we listen to each mix very carefully before we deem it good enough to be added to our site.

At MixOftheDay.co.uk, we prefer to focus mainly on House DJ mixes but we can stray into other genres such as Funky House, UK Garage, Oldskool, Breaks, Drum & Bass, a pinch of Oldskool Hardcore and whatever else takes our fancy. We don’t do Trance, HipHop, or Dubstep – that’s just the way it is.

Each of us here have our own preferred favourite artists and DJs and it’s all too easy to post up the latest mix from a big name DJ. However, we do take great pride in discovering little diamonds in the rough. Finding new, fresh talent that is in need of a little exposure. Anyone can type “Shapeshifters” or “Roger Sanchez” into a search engine and find any number of mixes ready to download but we like to think we go that one step further by trying to find some of that unsung talent lurking out there.

Please get in touch or suggest a mix that you think we should feature on MixOftheDay.co.uk and we will happily take a listen.